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Varteks d.d., Croatia’s leading clothing manufacturing company with a nationwide sales network of fashion stores, was founded in 1918. During its almost  a century-old tradition it has continuously aimed for excellence and developed according to market and customer needs, while retaining its quality and distinctiveness.

Over the last 100 years of existence Varteks has become a synonym for classic elegance. 

With stylish and remarkably designed collections it has dressed numerous generations, shared a part in most inspiring memories and is renowned for its quality clothing.

There are no generations not related to Varteks – as its employees, scholarship beneficiaries, suppliers, business partners, ambassadors or buyers.

Varteks has always been the first and best neighbour: since 1952, its stores can be found in all the cities of the region with collections of premium quality suits and formal wear for men and elegant classical fashion for women.

For enthusiasts who want something more personalised or different, Varteks has developed an exclusive Made to Measure service for suits and coats.

Varteks made to measure suits

The market orientation of Varteks ensured a rich and successful history, building up to Varteks becoming a legendary clothing brand in the region. Openness to new ideas and advanced technologies, collaboration with relevant institutions and organisations, and timely implementation of market impulses has provided Varteks with a leading position in the fashion and manufacturing industry of the region.

There are two companies operating within the framework of Varteks Group namely – Varteks d.d., fashion clothing manufacturing company with a nationwide sales network of stores, as the parent company and Varteks:PRO Ltd., special purpose clothing manufacturer of high performance tactical, military, police, protective, corporate, hospitality and other specialty uniforms designed to fully encompass all the customer’s requests.

Varteks History Milestones

1918. Textile Factory Varaždin was founded

1922. Production of woollen yarn and fabric began

1926. Production of clothing items started

1929. The establishment of network sales facilities began

1948. Textile industry d.d. Varaždin, called “Tivar” at that time, becomes Varteks

1972. The fashion brand “Varteks International” was created

1983. Varteks starts co-operation with Levi’s®

1994. The fashion brand Di Caprio was created

1994. Production starts for Hugo Boss (For the past fifteen years Varteks has been one of the best contractors for     this fashion house)

2003. Beginning of Lindeberg’s Men’s Clothing Development and Production

2008. Start of Men’s Clothing Production for Kooples

2008. Corporate identity redesigning


Production for Hugo Boss started in 1994 and for the past fifteen years Varteks has been one of the best contractors for this fashion house.

Varteks manufactures and develops Men’s Clothing for J.Lindeberg since 2003. J.Lindeberg is a Scandinavian Fashion House founded in Stockholm in 1996 with a vision of creating an international brand.

Co-operation between Varteks and Zadig & Voltaire in the production of Men’s Clothing began in 2017. Zadig & Voltaire is a luxury brand founded in 1997 by Thierry Gillier