Varteks dates back to year 1918 when the Varaždin Textile Factory was founded.

The production of woollen yarn and fabric began in 1922, while in 1926 the production process spread to the production of clothing. In 1929 the first store was opened with additional stores soon following thus forming into nationwide network.

Until 1948 the factory was named – The Textile Industry d.d. Varaždin or shortened Tivar.

Under the later name of Varteks, the factory emerged as the largest manufacturer and exporter of fabrics and clothing in the country

In 1972, the fashion brand Varteks International was created, and eleven years later Varteks started co-operating with Levi’s.

1994 a fashion brand named Di Caprio was created as an additional fashion brand.

In 2008, the company redesigns its visual identitiy and presents itself with a fresh and contemporary style which keeps the message of Varteks tradition and quality, while reaching a step further towards new values.

This year Varteks marks its first 100 years of existence.

The market orientation of Varteks ensured a rich and successful history, building up to Varteks becoming a legendary clothing brand in the region. Openness to new ideas and advanced technologies, collaboration with relevant institutions and organisations, and timely implementation of market impulses has provided Varteks with a leading position in the fashion and manufacturing industry of the region.