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Children’s double layer face mask – white with whales – size S [6-12 years]

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The double layer cotton mask is made of OEKO-TEX certified fabric. It can slow down the flow of breath or the transmission of larger respiratory droplets that can contain the virus and prevent the mucous membrane of the mouth/nose from coming into contact with contaminated hands. The mask can increase the awareness of the need for physical distance as well as a more careful behaviour in order to protect health. For optimum effectiveness, the double layer cotton face mask, which acts as a textile barrier, should be worn, disposed of and maintained properly.
The mask can be used by children older than 3 years under adult supervision.

Size: S for 6-12 years (width 19 cm, height of the central part of the mask 12 cm)
Minimum order: 3 pieces
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Mask maintenance instructions:
The mask is washable at 95⁰ C. It must be washed before the first use. It can be on the face for 3-4 hours, after which it should be removed and washed. After that, the mask can be used again.

100% cotton OEKO-TEX standard 100 [tested for harmful substances]

Instructions for use of the mask:
– Before using the mask for the first time, it should be washed or at least ironed with an iron set to the temperature for cotton/linen materials.
– Wash your hands thoroughly with soap before and after putting the mask on.
– When putting the mask on, make sure that the inner side of the mask is always placed on the face.
– One mask is worn by only one person, the mask is not shared with others.
– The mask should cover the mouth, nose and part of the face, and the edges must fit as tightly as possible to minimize the flow of air outside the mask.
– If the mask gets damp or wet it must be removed and replaced with a new, dry one.
– After removing the mask, put it in a bag and close well or wash immediately.
– After every single use, the mask should be washed at 95 degrees or at least 60 degrees and dried thoroughly.

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