Berwick Oxford patterned shoes come in black. They are made of 100% leather and the best leather sole that is processed in oak leaves, which makes the shoes long-lasting and very comfortable. Polishing and dyeing is done by hand so that each pair of shoes is unique. These shoes are very durable and they require little maintenance to look flawless. They look great with suit for business and formal occasions. Shoes that emphasize your personality and character. Because of their basic black color, you can wear them with all suit colors.

Note: Berwick molds are larger than standard shoe molds so we recommend that you measure the dimensions of the foot tread before choosing a size.

Insole length: size 41 – 272 mm, size 42.5 – 280 mm, size 43.5 – 289 mm, size 45 – 297 mm, size 46.5 – 306 mm