Varteks company V: Pro is a renowned manufacturer of military clothing according to NATO standards, as well as other special purpose clothing.

Windproof jacket designed for outdoor activities. With its specifics in the cut, it adapts to each user. The fleece inside the jacket warms the body while the outer layer provides high protection from water and wind. Velcro on the chest and sleeve allows you to wear various combinations of “patch” that express the personality of the user and make each jacket unique.

It is made of top quality windproof fabric of Swiss quality. The patented c_change® membrane responds to external conditions by ensuring optimal body temperature. During elevated temperature and intense sweating, the membrane opens and excess heat and sweat escapes into the air. In cold conditions, the membrane remains closed and retains heat next to the body. The watertightness of the c_change® membrane is 20,000 mm of water column.