The made to measure service is the pinnacle of Varteks expertise in manufacturing suits and coats. Each client can choose cuts, fabrics, interior details and use all our know-how gathered in 100 years of tradition to create a suit that fits him perfectly and is a precise expression of his style.

Fabrics from the most famous Italian manufacturers such as Loro Piana, Marzotto and Marlane, the knowledge and experience of Varteks tailors and fashion consultants, and perfectly designed models create unique personalized suits.

Our skilled and professional stylists will guide you through Made to Measure process. With their help, you will choose the desired model, fabric, interior and exterior finish and all the fashion details that make a difference.

After the selection, our experts will take your measures and constructors will create your personal cut that will fit you perfectly.

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At the fitting we will check if your suits fits as intended and record necessary corrections, along with your wishes and remarks. At that time you will also be able to arrange desired time and location for picking up your personalized suit.

When choosing a suit it is good to know 3 basic styles.

The German style suit (regular fit) has straight lines, is slightly waisted, and very elegant. This suit is an ideal choice for those who like the feeling of comfort provided by more casual cuts.

The British style suit (slim fit) has a more waisted cut and follows the body line. The trouser legs are a bit narrower, especially in the lower part. In this style, the waistcoat fits perfectly with the suit.

Currently the most popular style is the Italian style (extra slim fit). The suit of this style has an exceptionally waisted cut and emphasizes the figure. This style has the narrowest trousers worn short, to the upper edge of the shoe. The finesse and precision of our workmanship guarantees comfort even though it is the narrowest model of the suit.

Our Made to Measure service – is a natural extension of a century old tradition in making men’s suits, complemented with the most modern technology for maximum precision in tailoring and clothing manufacturing.

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